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What happens in a gay massage London?

With over a decade of experience, Tantric euphoria has been delighting gay, bisexual and straight men find peace, relaxation and euphoria with our signature gay massage offering. It’s a service which has delighted many a national and international visitor to our site, and our five star reviews speak for themselves.
I personally vet and train all new recruits to ensure their body is fit, personality sharp and skills second to none. The training is normally conducted over a three day period in which each new gentlemen is trained in deep tissue and swedish massage techniques, sensual massage strokes and body to body and tantric massage practices.
Ambience of room, including candles and heating are covered, as well as greeting the client and refreshment and shower rituals, to ensure the client feels relaxed and at ease when he comes for his gay massage London

Deep tissue and swedish massageSensual massage London

Once the client is feeling completely relaxed, so begins the erotic adventure. Soft tantric music will be playing in the background, the room dimly lit, and the temperature just right, creating the perfect atmosphere for the bonding of spirits. The masseurs hands will glide gently over your skin, often in synchronization with the music. Often goosebumps appear on the skin, which is quite a firm indication of a pleasure reaction. The gay tantric massage therapist will use a combination of fingers and hands to raise the clients vibration and pleasure threshold, slowing down or speeding up in complete connection with the client.

What happens in the gay massage next?

Using the arms of the masseur at either side of the client. The masseur will apply a generous helping of the warm oil formula to his chest and torso, as well as the clients back and legs. Using his arms on either side of you, he will form will conduct a gliding, number 8 formations, using his chest and torso, to apply maximum intensity and pleasure. it is quite normal for arousal to occur, your masseur will slow down or speed up depending on your level of enjoyment. At a certain point, your masseur will ask you to turn around, before repeating the process on your front, ensuring maximum pleasure with satisfying conclusions.

What about the gay tantric massage?

If you are lucky enough to book the gay tantric massage session, you will enjoy all of the above, however towards the end of the massage, your handsome therapist, will suggest certain breathing rituals, holding positions and clearing of your bodies energy fields. This can encompass spooning, forking, holding positions in an L shape, as well as clearing your energy with chakra reiki techniques.

What do I do next?

To book a stunning gay massage therapist, contact the receptionist by call, text or whatsapp (Whatsapp preferable) on the number displayed on the top of the website, and enjoy a luxury massage at the therapists location or at your home or hotel residence in London Zone 1 or 2.

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