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What’s the difference between body to body and Tantric massage?

Body-to-body massage is actually an aspect of the Tantric experience. The body-to-body phase of the session occurs when the therapists coats his physique in warm oils and then glides himself over you in a figure of eight formation. Tantric massage is a practise passed down from the ancients. Our sessions start with deep-tissue/Swedish work before moving on to body-to-body. Within Tantric massage, you will also experience cuddling, spooning, breathing rituals and holding positions. Expect an array of hot, sensual and tender feelings, as well as a soul-mate connection.

Is massage on table or bed?

I work mostly from a table, but a futon is available upon request. For outcalls it will be on the bed.

Have your been trained?

I have over ten years experience in tantric massage, I’m also a qualified masseur, You can expect a world-class service.

What sort of clients do you work with?

Men over the age of 18 with a variety of sexual orientations.

Can I haggle?

No sorry.

I don’t identify as being gay, is this service for me?

Absolutely. I welcome Straight, Gay, Bi-sexual, Bi-curious or any where in between. The Soul does not have a sexuality, and since I offer a  soul healing service with the added benefit of intimacy and touch, I do not discriminate, your appointment will be strictly confidential.

What’s your sexual orientation?

I am gay, but happy to see any male client of any sexual orientation, gay, straight or bi

Are both parties naked during the massage?

Yes. If you prefer not, let me know.

Can I shower before and after my appointment?

Yes, hot showers are available before and after. You’ll be provided with a fresh towel and cleanser. You may want to leave the oil formula applied during your massage to condition your skin for a little longer by not showering afterwards. It is vitally important to be in a good state of hygiene before your massage – your co-operation in this regard is appreciated. Some clients request to shower or share a bath with their masseur – please discuss this with your masseur if applicable.

Where are you located?

I am located in a discreet location close to Tottenham Court road station

May I touch?

Yes; non-aggressive touch is permitted.

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