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Few things in life quite reach the euphoric pleasure of a prostate gay massage. The prostate is an area inside the rectum, where the G spot is said to be hidden, it takes some special handy work from an informed individual to discover this magical pleasure spot and activate its pleasurable offerings.  During your gay massage, the building technique is introduced, so your male massage therapist, will gain your trust and build from their sensual energy, which can be best described as a pleasure scale of 1-10. When you walk through the door and see your handsome masseur, your pleasure may reach 1 or 2, if not more, and as the massage continues, the job of your stunning male companion is to increase this pleasure threshold, through long body strokes, tickles, and connection to your breath.



It’s at the point of 8 or 9 on the pleasure scale, that your gay masseur introduces a finger to be inserted into the rectum. A gentle activation massage proceeds and with it, an increase in the building technique, thus pushing the pleasure point past 10 and beyond. This is a very intimate and close experience and is painless, although a slight discomfort might prevail for first-timers. The best way to enjoy this gay prostate massage is simply to breathe and relax and allow your trained masseur to activate the pleasure spot, whilst you are asked to practice surrender and thanksgiving!

This form of gay massage can be incorporated into the final ending of the massage, for explosive euphoric results, living all stress, tensions. Feel the waves of Tantric Euphoria rushing through your entire being, releasing dopamine on an unparalleled scale!

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