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Whether in your own home/hotel or at the deluxe central London apartment of your therapist, a standard tantric massage will relax and invigorate you from top to bottom so that you resume life with newfound vigor and confidence. Male Tantric massage is erotically charged and profoundly stimulating. You and your gorgeous masseur will begin the appointment by taking off all clothing. You’ll notice the strong, gym-trained build of your handsome man, not to mention his incredible good looks. You couldn’t hope to be in better hands. As you feel his sturdy, masculine aura enfold you, while he attends to every area of your body using an exclusive oil formula for heightened sensations, you’ll realize you’ve struck gold. Our men are so much more than just incredible to look at; they’re considerate, caring, tender, and sensitive, capable of building an intimate connection with you. They work from the heart. As the appointment proceeds, you’ll become relaxed and aroused in equal measure. Your masseur will slide his body against yours and you’ll feel lit up from within by his warmth and love.



Male Tantric massage stretches back thousands of years, back to the time of the Ancients. It is nothing less than sensual wisdom that has traveled down the centuries. Your session will include body-to-body massage and breathing techniques. You’ll be wrapped safely in the strong, masterful embrace of a Herculean and very manly man. You’ll enjoy a connection of the mind, heart, and body with your therapist, who will treat you to cuddles and spooning rituals. Every aspect of your sensuality – from your tender, romantic side to your stormy and hot side – will be totally satisfied. This is an erotic journey, ideal for the adventurous spirit, regardless of sexual orientation. Luxurious pleasure is guaranteed and discretion is assured.


Deep Tissue Swedish Gay Massage All Inclusive


All our male Gay tantric massage treatments come with a luxury deep tissue gay massage with pressure tailored to your exact requirements. So whether you come to us with aching muscles or tension spots, you can be assured that a quality deep tissue or Swedish massage with pressure tailored to your exact requirements will be applied at the beginning of your appointment. This wonderful therapeutic element sets us in front of our competitors. We are not a rub and pull agency! We are so much more! you will experience spa like pampering, in fact, all our gay massage therapists are trained in deep tissue and Swedish massage treatments, which are known to relax, restore and improve blood circulation to the tired and aching muscles, reducing inflammation and placing you in a place of pure Tantric Euphoria, where you remain open and receptive to the next erotic and sensual element that is to come!

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