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Gay Massage for the confused?

This post is all about the common questions that I am asked or have discovered over my ten years in the Gay massage industry. Perhaps you are gay, and you know what you like, then this article is not really intended for you. If you are bisexual you too might find that you are interested in both men and women, or women more, or, men more. Perhaps you are confused, you know you find men attractive, but you are afraid, because you could be in a marriage with a woman, promising fidelity till death you do part. perhaps you have never experienced the masculine touch of a man. You may have grown up in a society, which was homophobic, perhaps you are/were even homophobic yourself?

Ten years of dealings with gay massage clients

Believe it or not, the majority of clients who use the services of gay massage are happily or moderately happily married with a female, however urge the touch of a man with deep tissue massage practices with erotic thrown in. A recent monkey pox survey found the majority of men who remain unvaccinated are those men who play around with men, but are married or in a relationship with a woman, this is due to reluctance to fear of being outed/denial. That is not to say that monkey pox is unique to gay men, however the prevalence has been found to be higher in gay and bisexual men, rather than the standard hetro man. You’ll be happy to know that all of our gay massage therapists are currently vaccinated against this strain.

Gay Tantric Massage has no identification

The sacred art of gay tantric massage has no sexuality, for every soul contains both masculine and feminine energy, whether you admit it or not. Our spiritual practice utilizes heavenly, divine energy, which is made both of female and male energy, and as such, is suitable ALL men, regardless of their identification, gay, straight, bisexual and anywhere in between. My mission as the owner of Tantric Euphoria – Gay massage is to overcome societal stigmas against straight men feeling that having a therapeutic sensual massage from a man, would make you gay, I can guarantee you it won’t! Just take girls for instance, even your own missus, I’m sure you have knowledge of her, at some point in her life, kissing a girl and liking it! I’m sure you have heard Katie Perry’s famous song “I kissed a girl, and I liked it” does that mean the girl is gay or Bisexual? Absolutely not! So if a woman can find intimacy and fun with a girl and still identify as straight, then why can’t a man have a sensual gay massage from a man, and still be considered straight?! I noticed a recent video I found online of Harry Styles kissing another man in a Radio station interview, if you haven’t yet seen it, I implore you to check it out, super hot! Does it make Harry Styles gay? I think not! He kissed a boy and he like it!

I’m still confused and frankly afraid of gay massage

I get the confusion, for many years I spent hid away in the closet, I only came out at 26, or more I was forced out at my birthday party (Thankfully it was time) male Tantric massage can be a perfect way for you to test your limits, a lot of excitement can be found in doing so. Feeling confused? I generally say, if you get a hard on when you see or watch a man, then perhaps its time to give male tantric massage a go. At the end of the day your massage appointment is handled in strict confidentiality. Nobody will ever know that you came, it can be our naughty little secret. You will experience the most euphoric gay massage know to man, regardless of your sexuality.

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