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Brighton! a beautiful seaside city comprising of Brighton and Hove in East Sussex. This beautiful enclave is located 47 miles or 76km to the south of Greater London. The location is a popular place for tourists looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Greater London, especially in the summer, when its pebbled formed beaches attract huge numbers of national and international visitors. The city is home to a diverse community, not least the LGBT, often considered the Gay capital of the United Kingdom, it’s not uncommon to see couples walking hand in hand along the sea front, as well as at the many bars, clubs and gay saunas to be found in the city. nothing can compare to a gay massage in Brighton.

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For a six month period in 2017, I chose to escape the hustle and bustle of London life, for a beach front apartment opposite the seafront. While not comparing to Miami, it certainly was a lot calmer than the life I was living as a gay Tantric massage therapist in London. I often would treat myself to a gay massage in Brighton, especially on those cold winter nights, when the rain pelted the window without mercy, and as I lay alone on my Sofa watching Katie Perry’s “Chained to the rhythm”. It was on this frosty late December evening when I chanced upon a stunning male Tantric massage practitioner in Brighton whom I invite over for a nude body to body massage including Swedish and deep tissue massage.

Ain’t nothing like a Gay Tantric Massage in Brighton

The stunning gay masseur arrived at my flat and rang the Victorian bell, which echoed around my apartment, causing instant butterflies. I was met by a tall and handsome gay male masseur, who must have been 6ft’3! The massage progressed with warm oils and soft candles, dancing to the soft meditative music in the background. I fell utterly succumbed to his warm embrace. His large hands pressed down on my tired and aching muscles, relieving me of all stress and tensions. As the treatment progressed and the gay massage becoming ever more erotic, I couldn’t help like feeling that I was in complete Tantric Euphoria, slowly reaching the point of no return, where waves of pleasure coursed through my veins. The male massage therapist ended conclusively, and with it a large tip and hug, sent the practitioner on his way. Safe is to say, I slept well that night and decided to expand our gay massage agency to Brighton.

IF you are visiting Brighton, Why not consider booking a male massage in Brighton, We will only be to please to recreate my above experience, tailored to your exact requirements!

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