10am - Midnight, 7 days

For an experience like no other – full of tenderness, passionate communication and blissful, soothing touch – then choose body-to-body massage. The rugged, strong, handsome therapists in our gallery are thoroughly trained so that you get a world-class, deluxe treatment every time. Allowing yourself to be held and healed by a powerful, unclothed man, is like taking a two-week holiday in 90 minutes. After the treatment, you’ll discover a more relaxed, more contented and more body-confident you.

Your appointment will begin as you and your practitioner undress and face one another. You will be led to the immaculately clean bed (or therapy table) and your masseur will start to relax you with Swedish and deep-tissue procedures, tailoring the pace and the pressure to suit you. The soft light of scented candles will mingle in the air with the calming background music, forming a gentle ambience in which you’re able to let go of worldly concerns. Once satisfied that you’re sufficiently relaxed, your masseur will start to awaken your skin by running the tips of his fingers up and down the entire length of your body, making sure to leave nothing out. You’ll feel the heat begin to kick in. Now, your therapist will coat his glorious body with warm, glistening oils and then place his arms either side of you. Using his arms for support, he’ll glide his torso from side to side, backward and forwards, pressing into you in all the right places. Thanks to the oils, you will begin to feel a sense of merging with him. He will perform this process on both sides of your body, making sure that every millimetre of you gets plenty of attention. He’ll use the building technique, harnessing your energy and carefully turning up your excitement levels, bit by tantalising bit.

Every area of your body, including the lingam, will be showered with caressing attention, and your masseur will bring you closer and closer to the point of eruption before jumping off the edge with you into that place of release where all the stress, all the tension and all the worry floods out of your body and into the past.

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